101 Things Mozilla Can Do That IE Can't

Tuesday November 5th, 2002

Rob Hudson writes: "Found this interesting list of 101 things (some more obscure than others) that Mozilla can do that IE can't." The list, by Neil Deakin of XulPlanet, has been doing the rounds for a few days now and is currently ranked in second place on Blogdex.

UPDATE! The list has now been featured on both Slashdot and CNET

#30 What exactly are you talking about...

by laszlo

Friday November 8th, 2002 10:26 AM

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...when you say that "the DOM is very limited"? You obviously haven't explored it to its full potential, otherwise you wouldn't say this.

"[...] IE can do everything that Moz can do in that coding regard (plus about 3,000 other, practical and often essential things in DHTML layouts - eg: determining window width and height, which is impossible in Moz/NS so you can't centre something on the screen!)." See above.

"[...] coders inevitably make errors as the finalise their scripts and pages [...]" Erroneous scripts also won't run in IE, so you can't talk about errors in scripts here. I guess you're talking about proprietary extensions. Regarding errors in HTML and/or CSS: Ever heard of the possibility to validate your code? Just take a look at and .

You're obviously a non-developer ;-)

"God knows why *anyone* would want to do tabbed browsing [...]" Ever tried it? Obviously not.

"[...] M$ (for all their problems) at least releases bug and security fixes almost IMMEDIATELY that they are identified - Moz is a LOT slower in repairing these kind of problems." Now this is ridiculous. Do some research, and you'll find about 30 still unfixed security bugs in various IE versions, most of which have been publicly known for months. I wouldn't call this "immediately".

I'm not saying that I totally agree with this "101 things" list - it could have been made the other way round, too. But some of the things you say here are just plain wrong.