101 Things Mozilla Can Do That IE Can't

Tuesday November 5th, 2002

Rob Hudson writes: "Found this interesting list of 101 things (some more obscure than others) that Mozilla can do that IE can't." The list, by Neil Deakin of XulPlanet, has been doing the rounds for a few days now and is currently ranked in second place on Blogdex.

UPDATE! The list has now been featured on both Slashdot and CNET

#14 Oh please

by johann_p

Wednesday November 6th, 2002 7:37 AM

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I think this is a bit childish. Not everything Mozilla can do and IE not is that important and there are probably a *lot* of things IE can do and Mozilla cannot. If these sum up to more or less than 101 I dont know, but it is not relevant. Mozilla should simply try to continue to implement the good stuff of other browsers, and all of them, while omitting their flaws and security holes. There is still a lot to learn for Mozilla from most of them, and even still from NS4.x. I would like to see a good comparison of features and HTML/CSS support though. And of course the most important advantage/can do of of Mozilla is missing: #1: can use on your favorite platform/OS including Linux!