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Monday November 4th, 2002

Gervase Markham has posted a newsgroup message to announce the 200,000 bug sweepstake. The idea is simple: you try and guess the exact date and time that bug number 200,000 will be filed in Bugzilla. This sweepstake is the sequel to last year's contest to guess the date and time of bug 100,000, which was won by Niko Pavlicek. Read the full article for more information, including how to enter and details about the prize.

#1 That's "Sweepstakes" n/t

by Kovu <>

Monday November 4th, 2002 3:16 PM

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#2 CDs?

by jmd_

Tuesday November 5th, 2002 12:02 PM

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Is there any place I can purchase one of the 1.0 CDs? I've done a little work on moz and would love to have one to hang up at the office.

I'd also love to have a shirt, assuming it looked halfway decent. How about a merchandising section? Mugs, pins, action figures!

#3 Slashdot Rant

by AlexBishop <>

Tuesday November 5th, 2002 12:29 PM

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Some moron submitted this to Slashdot <…es/02/11/04/2142244.shtml> so now I've got no chance of winning!


#4 It is not a moran

by wellander1 <>

Tuesday November 12th, 2002 8:09 PM

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Hi, The person that posted it works at so it is probably true no mess.