Phoenix 0.5 Update

Saturday November 2nd, 2002

Blake Ross has posted a message to the Phoenix General forum that includes details about Phoenix 0.5. The 0.5 release will take a little longer than previous milestones because the developers see it as a "transition milestone" that begins the push towards 1.0. Post-0.5, the team plans to select a new default theme, icon and logo and also set up a new Phoenix website.

#7 Snap

by rwc

Sunday November 3rd, 2002 8:07 PM

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I'm a Big Fan of Phoenix and Mozilla (made the decision to install the latter on several hundred PCs in a public library serving about 400k residents), I followed Netscape from 0.9, yadda yadda, so I'm asking as a friend: will any Mozilla-ish browser ever approach snappyness? Here's my definition of snappy: On a 1Ghz Pentium-III w/ 256MB RAM under Windows 2000, Opera gives the impression on cached and "local" pages up to about 50k in size with a few images (from servers on the same LAN as the browsing computer), that the page is displayed even before you have a chance to take your finger off the mouse button (or alt-arrow key). Well okay, if you're spastic about it you can remove your finger before you see the page, but only by a few tens of milliseconds. How about another unit of measure, the Blink. (Hey, if Swatch can make a "Beat", I can make a "Blink".) Using the same configuration as above, cached or local pages on Opera take about one Blink to load (I close my eyes and simultaneously click a navigation button, then open my eyes as quickly as possible and the page has in most cases already loaded). The same navigation pattern on Mozilla-ish browsers takes 2-4 Blinks to load pages. An unchromed Mozilla is somewhat faster than a chromed one, but still doesn't approach Opera's speed.

I heard that after Mozilla 1.0 was released, there was going to be a really serious all-out gung-ho effort towards improving all-around (but especially rendering) performance, but I can't say I've really seen any difference in the past five months. Phoenix has certainly provided SOME improvement however.

Now for my stupid look-into-your-crystal-ball question: will any Gecko-based browser even come close to Opera's rendering speed? Mozilla doesn't. Phoenix doesn't. K-Meleon doesn't. Netscape 7 doesn't...