Phoenix 0.5 Update

Saturday November 2nd, 2002

Blake Ross has posted a message to the Phoenix General forum that includes details about Phoenix 0.5. The 0.5 release will take a little longer than previous milestones because the developers see it as a "transition milestone" that begins the push towards 1.0. Post-0.5, the team plans to select a new default theme, icon and logo and also set up a new Phoenix website.

#10 Turning off annoying features?

by alehmann <>

Sunday November 3rd, 2002 10:56 PM

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I've been pretty disappointed so far with the Phoenix releases, actually. I'm extremely picky about my browser, and my acquired taste is pretty close to Netscape 4's UI. I was originally excited about Phoenix because it promised to be a leaner, meaner Mozilla, but in the last release I tried there were more features turned on than in my Mozilla prefs but in Phoenix there was no way to turn them off. I realize that Phoenix is still in early development, but is a full set of preferences on the way? If I can't turn off things like that menu of choices that pops up when you type something in the URL bar (thanks IE for the inspiration?), I'll frankly be happier with the full Mozilla.

If it's merely the prefs UI that is incomplete but there is some way I can change a file and get rid of the "features" I don't want, that works for me and I would be glad if someone could point me to documentation if there is any, or give me some basic tips on what to change and where. The biggest gripe that I can remember is the URL completion, but there may have been others.