Vote for Your Favourite Mozilla/Gecko-based Browser at OSNews

Friday November 1st, 2002

Eugenia sent us a link to a poll at OSNews where you can vote for your favourite alternative Mozilla-based browser. Options include K-Meleon, Galeon and Chimera. For some reason, AOL 8 is included, even though it doesn't use Gecko as its rendering engine.

#3 mozillaZine showing it's bias again :(

by asa <>

Friday November 1st, 2002 2:08 PM

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There you go again. Now you're pointing to a poll that shows people like Phoenix. When will all this pro-Phoenix bias end!?! I think it's mozillaZine's duty to find some poll that shows people prefer the Mac Mozilla-based qBati and run a story on that. Not doing so is clearly biased and anti-open-source ;-)