K-Meleon 0.7 Released

Friday November 1st, 2002

Version 0.7 of K-Meleon, the light Gecko-based browser for Windows, was released yesterday. This latest version is based on Mozilla 1.2 Beta and includes a rewritten bookmarks plug-in, an improved macros plug-in and a new Layers plug-in that offers tabbed browsing functionality. Visit the download page for more information or select a mirror to start downloading now.

#8 RAM?

by gheesh

Saturday November 2nd, 2002 4:05 PM

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I am currently using IE 5.5 in some old machines (Pentium I, 32MB RAM) because the overhead Mozilla adds to browsing is way overkill for them. I had seen the K-Meleon project before but since it was frozen at 0.6 with a Gecko 0.9 engine I though it wouldn't be worth the effort. Now that the project seems resucitated, can anybody tell me how much RAM does this program use? Is it worth a try?