Shock as MozillaZine Readers Turn to Slashdot for Accurate Information

Thursday October 31st, 2002

For our last poll, we asked you where else you go to get Mozilla news. 848 of you answered with Slashdot getting 30% of the vote, almost twice as much as its nearest rival, MozillaNews, with 17%. The third-placed 'None of the above' option was favoured by 16% of you, which frankly tells us very little. FUD specialist MozillaQuest came in fifth with 8% of the vote, which concerns us slightly. 5% of you rely on mainstream tech news sites such as CNET's or eWeek while 4% of you prefer the weblog style of Blogzilla. Newcomers Planet Mozilla and MozFan didn't do so well with 1% and 0% of the vote respectively. NewsForge, with 1%, also did surprisingly badly, especially considering the amount of news we steal from them. Finally, 14% of you just go wherever telnet to port 80 will take you.

For our next poll, we'd like to know what your favourite Phoenix theme is. The options are taken from the lists at the mozdev Themes project and David Tenser's Phoenix Help so don't blame us if your favourite theme isn't listed. Go and vote now or just sit on the fence and watch the latest results.

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by bugs4hj <>

Saturday November 2nd, 2002 7:26 PM

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"I have no idea what you're talking about...what are you trying to prove here?"

First of all, you guys are doing a great job, but it would be nice to see some improvements on the mozilla front first. You guys working on Phoenix takes times away from mozilla. It may sound weird but I'm only *playing* for bad demon here.

Now, I only made an example, and I'm not trying to proof anything here. I only made this example to show that this is possible with the main mozilla tree. My goal was to work on it for one hour at max and see what could be done. So I played a bit with the jar files, removed junk from it and this is the result:

Size on disk: 14.959.416 bytes fastmoz (stand-alone mozilla) 14.610.881 bytes phoenix 0.5 348.535 bytes smaller

Download size: 8.021.183 bytes 7.64MB (zipped version of fastmoz) 7.398.578 bytes 7.05MB (zipped version of phoenix 0.5) 622.605 bytes smaller

Now, be fair, these numbers are close, right? Yeah right you say, but Phoenix will get smaller. Ok, but so can this! Now you say: "Phoenix starts faster". Ok, fair is fair, but I didn't really focused on that. My goal was to reduce download and installation size first. I only worked one hour on it, remember.

New windows in Phoenix open faster, now thats interesting. How do you guys clock that? Make that available to the public. However, I'm using two 2.5GHz IP4 (overclocked to 3.2GHz) systems, so startup time, and new window opening times are like dust to me.

note: I won't continue this work because it was only an example. Other people might get inspired because of it, or might even start a new project for it, but don't count on me.

"I don't get what your point is."

You don't need to be an expert to make mozilla smaller and faster :-)