Shock as MozillaZine Readers Turn to Slashdot for Accurate Information

Thursday October 31st, 2002

For our last poll, we asked you where else you go to get Mozilla news. 848 of you answered with Slashdot getting 30% of the vote, almost twice as much as its nearest rival, MozillaNews, with 17%. The third-placed 'None of the above' option was favoured by 16% of you, which frankly tells us very little. FUD specialist MozillaQuest came in fifth with 8% of the vote, which concerns us slightly. 5% of you rely on mainstream tech news sites such as CNET's or eWeek while 4% of you prefer the weblog style of Blogzilla. Newcomers Planet Mozilla and MozFan didn't do so well with 1% and 0% of the vote respectively. NewsForge, with 1%, also did surprisingly badly, especially considering the amount of news we steal from them. Finally, 14% of you just go wherever telnet to port 80 will take you.

For our next poll, we'd like to know what your favourite Phoenix theme is. The options are taken from the lists at the mozdev Themes project and David Tenser's Phoenix Help so don't blame us if your favourite theme isn't listed. Go and vote now or just sit on the fence and watch the latest results.

#67 Where would Mozilla be without Phoenix?

by mpthomas

Saturday November 2nd, 2002 1:04 AM

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"Mozilla is a testament to how successful an open source project can be."

No, Apache is a testament to how successful an open source project can be. It has 60 percent market share <> , despite its main competitor (Microsoft's IIS) being bundled and integrated with Windows server operating systems. Compare that with the tiny market share of Mozilla, whose main competitor (Microsoft's Internet Explorer) is bundled and integrated with Windows client operating systems.

What Mozilla *is* a testament to is the robustness of the open source model -- demonstrating that an open source project can produce somewhat functional software, despite having many flaws in its development process. (Phoenix and Chimera are avoiding these process flaws, which is the next best thing to fixing them.)

"Where would Phoenix be without Mozilla?"

It would be at the top level of the Web site, rather than in the projects/phoenix/ subdirectory. And, I think, it would have several times as many users as Mozilla has now. (But that's just my opinion.)

"it seems like every time someone posts some criticism it is met with harsh, arrogant, overly defensive comments"

Perhaps, but that's somewhat understandable. Imagine that you, like Blake and Asa, had been slogging through the mud of the Mozilla development process, which is not nearly as fun as it could be (see also Mike Shaver's comments from October 30 <> ). Eventually, you manage to set up a project which has a much better development model, to produce a much better browser -- only to be by confronted by whiners complaining that your new browser doesn't have the same development process, UI flaws, and bloat as Mozilla does. Wouldn't you be just a *teeny weeny* bit infuriated?

-- mpt