XUL Featured in Article on Cross-Platform GUIs

Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Paul Gittings writes: "At DevX there is an article looking at cross-platform GUIs. The two solutions it looks at are SWT from the Eclipse project and XUL from Mozilla." This article follows on from DevX's XUL tutorial of a few weeks ago.

#8 Re: XUL *could* become a killer app

by daf

Monday November 4th, 2002 3:36 PM

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If anybody wants to deploy a stand alone xul app he will be in trouble, there is no docs about making that simple thing. Most info are about deploying an xul app as a browser extension, but that is not what *all* people wants. This seems to be a long-term illness of mozilla as a platform, this situation is not going to change soon as this is rather a dificult task as I understand. One gets even more dissappointed when see that projects like the Komodo IDE uses some strage hacks to get the hole thing look like another app, in the end they included the entire mozilla browser in order to make the thing work, which adds a lot of overhead indeed. Not every project have the resources to hack mozilla at that level, and the mozilla comunity seems to be fine with the current state of pushing nothing but the web browser, but people like me really appreciate the whole platform, unfortunately this 'little' issue makes me give up too and think about leaving the mozilla platform for a while... well not at all I will be here some more time until I finish my current project. Anyway XUL is the greatest gui technology I ever used.