XUL Featured in Article on Cross-Platform GUIs

Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Paul Gittings writes: "At DevX there is an article looking at cross-platform GUIs. The two solutions it looks at are SWT from the Eclipse project and XUL from Mozilla." This article follows on from DevX's XUL tutorial of a few weeks ago.

#1 XUL *could* become a killer app

by johann_p

Thursday October 31st, 2002 2:32 AM

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The ideas behind XUL are wonderful. Many XP apps could benefit a lot from a the ability to use XUL for the GUI. However, there is no standalone lib to use XUL for non-browser apps, there is no decent documentation, there are lots of features and details you cannot use or understand unless you look at the code, and there is no clean and seperated API as far as I can see. Of all these problems the biggest I see at the moment is the lack of documentation and information - few developers will be willing to look at the Mozilla-sources to find out about details of XUL. The documentation that is there (xulplanet, seems to be incomplete and outdated. I have tried for months to get information about some more specific things - in various newsgroups, in the general forum, even in bugzilla bugs and have finally decided to give up. here,