First Phoenix 0.4 Articles Roll In

Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Slashdot was among the first set of sites to report on the release of Phoenix 0.4. Business-orientated site InternetNews was also quick off the mark.

#7 Re: Lack of mozilla information on mozillazine

by AlexBishop <>

Thursday October 31st, 2002 3:26 PM

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"I'm sorry but I see a lot of 'noise' for Phoenix lately, but where is the info [for] mozilla users? Why is the info for mozilla not pushed at this rate? After all, it's called mozillazine, right?"

Well, mozillazine, mozillaZine, MozillaZine; no-one seems to know. :-) As the person who puts most of the news on the MozillaZine front page, I can tell you that we're not deliberately favouring Phoenix over Mozilla. There's just a lot happening with Phoenix at the moment, probably because it's a new project and it has short release cycles. MozillaZine was created <> to cover the whole Mozilla project, not just the main Mozilla browser, so I think that it's only fair that Phoenix gets a lot of coverage if it deserves it.

Of course, if you think we're missing any Mozilla news, feel free to tell us using the submitArticle <> page.