First Phoenix 0.4 Articles Roll In

Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Slashdot was among the first set of sites to report on the release of Phoenix 0.4. Business-orientated site InternetNews was also quick off the mark.

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by AlexBishop <>

Friday November 1st, 2002 1:18 PM

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"The OED citation would be more authoritative."

Here you go:

1. = ORIENTED ppl. a. 1.

1886 WILLIS & CLARK Cambridge III. 278 A properly orientated chapel. 1900 L. FLETCHER in Brit. Mus. Return 156 Exactly orientated sections [of crystals] have been..optically examined. 2. = ORIENTED ppl. a. 3 (and similarly hyphenated).

1967 Indexer V. 162/2 We must, as far as possible, be customer- or user-orientated. 1968 Listener 1 Aug. 153/1 Stravinsky's Webern-orientated style. 1971 Guardian 18 Oct. 8/1 Polytechnics..are too big, too static, too institutional, too degree-orientated. 1972 C. JONES Introd. Middle English 4 Earlier works on the subject of medieval English language..have tended to be performance-orientated. 1974 Cape Times 1 Aug. 1/8 The highest percentage of votes appeared to be recorded at the Progressive Party-orientated..polling districts. 1975 Daily Tel. 26 July 11/3 His attitude..has been condemned as ‘irresponsible and politically orientated’.