MozillaZine Review of 'Creating Applications with Mozilla'

Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Frank Ascher writes: "Here is a pretty comprehensive but unfavorable review of the Creating Applications with Mozilla book that you might be interested in."

The review is at, a site about Visual Basic programming. Slashdot featured a review of the title a couple of weeks ago. Remember that the entire text of the book is available online for free, so you can form your own opinion without spending any money.

#1 Interesting POV

by TonyG

Thursday October 31st, 2002 1:50 AM

I read the article after reading a few book chapters and I have to agree with the criticisms about the support files and downloads. But thats easily rectifiable by someone at OReilly I would have thought...

I also agreew ith the comment about deep directory structures. This is something I had a lot of probs with early in in moz hacking. So much so that it took me four attempts before I stored up enough patience to persist with it.

The author does go on though to praise Mozilla and the platform though, so I reckon its a balanced article.