Phoenix 0.4 (Oceano) Released

Tuesday October 29th, 2002

Phoenix 0.4 builds have arrived. You can get builds for Windows and Linux from FTP but you're encouraged to read the release notes first.

While there are a few new features to this release, like the return of type ahead find and IE-style www.<foo>.com autocomplete, most of the changes have been improvements to existing features like toolbar customization, tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking and keyboard shortcuts. Also new with this release are a handful of Phoenix themes available at the Phoenix Themes section of

Grab 0.4 and let the Phoenix team know what you think here and at the Phoenix discussion forums.

#26 no, talking about other aspects of autocomplete

by caseyperkins <>

Wednesday October 30th, 2002 1:59 PM

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Specifically, here are the two Moz autocomplete features I'm really hoping to see in Phoenix: 1) Limit matches to only those actually **typed** in the address bar. That is, I type '' in the addressbar. I only want that choice available in autocomplete, and not any pages on that site that I have gone to. This is a really handy Mozilla feature that makes it far superior to IE; I can't stand the clutter otherwise. 2) Autocompletion of best match **in** the address bar itself, so that I don't have to scroll down to choose the first option, but just press enter. Any chance of these getting in? Does anybody here know? Thanks.