New Product: MultiDocZilla

Monday November 30th, 1998

The MultiDocZilla Team has written in with some interesting news on an offshoot of the Mozilla Project. MultiDocZilla will support many file formats and standards, including SGML. The MultiDocZilla site has screenshots of the display of XML, SGML, CGM4, SGML with embedded HTML, and DOM altered HTML. Some very impressive work going on; be sure to check it out!

#1 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by arielb

Monday November 30th, 1998 6:06 PM

now that's pretty big news! Score another for mozilla

#2 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by Tekhir

Monday November 30th, 1998 8:12 PM

I've haven't even heard of some of those langauges.

#3 Re:New Product: MultiDocZillaZillaZilla

by anonymous

Monday November 30th, 1998 9:00 PM

Looks rather cool! Out of the blue, to boot.

These 'zilla names are getting a bit out of hand, though...jeez.

#4 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by arielb

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 1:12 AM

I found a list of the graphic formats MultiDoCZilla will support including support for some pretty useful ones! Supports the following graphics format: ABIC IBM image compression (interface to IBM library) Alpha Channel Check with us ASCII ASCII to raster conversion ATT ATT Group IV BMP Windows Bitmap BRK Brooktrout FAX format CALS CALS Group 4 CGM CLP Windows Clipboard CMYK Four plane color support TIFF and JPEG CUT Halo DCX Multipage PCX DIB Device Independent Bitmap DICOM Medical Imaging EPS Writes full Postscript / Reads any embedded raster FLASHPIX Kodak, HP, MS Color Imaging format GIF 87A and 89A. Includes support for transparent and interlaced GIF. Animated, multi-page GIF support optional. (GIF use requires license from Unisys) Group 3 CCITT Group 3 (1D and 2D) Group 4 CCITT Group 4 GX2 Showpartner GX2 ICO Windows Icon IFF Amiga IFF IMG GEM IMG format IOCA IBM MO:DCA IOCA - MMR and G4- for IBM ImagePlus JBIG Proprietary bitonal compression format (interface to IBM library) JPEG Huffman, JFIF version - 8 bit gray scale or 24 bit, CMYK support Konica Konica color format KFX Kofax LV Laserdata MAC MacPaint MO:DCA See IOCA MSP Microsoft Paint PCX PC Paintbrush PCD Kodak Photo CD PICT Macintosh Picture PSD Photoshop RLE Run length encoded SUN Sun Raster TIFF G4, G3, uncompressed, packbits, Huffman, LZW, JPEG, CMYK (Use of TIFF/LZW requires license from Unisys) - 1 to 24 bit TGA TARGA - 24 bit WMF Windows metaformat - raster only WPG WordPerfect graphic format - raster only XPM X windows Pixmap XBM X windows Bitmap XWD X Windows Dump

#5 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by Eoin Campbell

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 8:57 AM

What parts of this product will be released to be folded into the Mozilla code? Will it be a freebie?

#6 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by The MultidocZilla Team

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 9:27 AM

There should be a brief announcement on the way to some newsgroups, for example netscape.public.mozilla.announce, which should explain this a bit more.

But no, it will not be a freebie. Most of the extra functionality will live in proprietary modules. Of course we will provide hooks in the common code for calling our modules.

We will also be doing part of the development in the open forums, for example DOM interests us a lot. These changes you will get for free, naturally.

As to the exact list of features that will be free and what not, we do not yet know.

#7 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by Paulo Dias

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 12:42 PM

And what about platforms? Will it be windoze only or will there be a port for say OS/2 and LINUX?

#8 Re:New Product: MultiDocZilla

by The MultidocZilla Team

Wednesday December 2nd, 1998 12:47 AM

The first release will be for Windows (at least), but it is in our interestes as well to use XP code wherever possible.