Full Article Attached Win98 Integration? What's the Deal?

Tuesday September 8th, 1998

Many of you seem interested in what exactly is going on with Mozilla/Win 98 integration. Sandeep Hundal recently interviewed Bill Law to help explain what's going on, and we present it here as the first installment in our "This Week at" series. If you are interested in writing articles or doing interviews (or maybe a periodical opinion piece for mozillaZine, give us a holler via the 'helpMozillaZine' link at left.

Now, on to the interview. Click "Full Article" to start.

#2 Re:Win98 Integration? What's the Deal?

by Chris Nelson <>

Tuesday September 8th, 1998 3:14 PM

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>Say i type in <> in My >Computer address bar would it use >Mozilla instead or would it just use >IE?

They are trying to find all the places where MS hooks IE into the OS, and allowing the user to link in Mozilla instead.