Creating Links with Mozilla's window.getSelection() Method

Friday October 25th, 2002

Kenneth Dillon writes: "This morning, IBM developerWorks published a tutorial detailing how Mozilla's cutting-edge ECMAScript and W3C DOM support and its nonstandard, but incredibly useful window.getSelection() method can be put to work to allow users to create links to virtually any piece of text within an HTML document."

Note that you must have a developerWorks profile to access this tutorial. You can create a free profile at the registration page.

#13 make sure to use document.getSelection();

by bugs4hj <>

Saturday October 26th, 2002 12:16 PM

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Let me see if this works:

javascript:id=document.getSelection();if(!id){void(id=prompt('Select some text or enter it below.'))}if(id){document.location='h t t p://w w w.dictionary.c o m/search?q='+escape(id)}

But remove the extra spaces!