Poll Completed, New Poll Up

Monday November 30th, 1998

Well, amazingly enough, Linux won the poll, which asked "What platform are you currently using/developing Seamonkey (the new NGLayout / XPToolkits code) on?" The big surprise was that second place, with 200 of the 800 votes, went to "Not currently working on or using Mozilla." You can view the full results to find out how your OS did.

Second, we have put up a new poll, which asks what features you would like to see added (or not).

#4 Re:Linux libc5 binaries?

by Len Trigg <>

Wednesday December 2nd, 1998 2:19 PM

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Does anyone know where to get binaries for Linux using libc5? All the binaries I've seen have been glibc. I don't want to compile it myself, but am interested in testing it out.

I figure since the poll said most developers are using Linux there should be a libc5 version somewhere (especially since that 23% of non-developers are probably interested in helping test)

Cheers, Len.