Phoenix 0.4 Release Set for This Week

Monday October 21st, 2002

Blake Ross writes: "The Phoenix team would like to release a Phoenix 0.4 this week. Please tell us what we need to do for that to happen. We still plan on doing some more size reduction (in keeping with our milestone trend of ever shrinking builds). We also need to fix some bugs in menubar customization. As always, the team will be keeping a close eye on the discussion here and in the forums."

#25 If I can dream...

by io333 <>

Tuesday October 22nd, 2002 11:43 PM

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Something I have been dreaming of since I happened upon Mozilla years ago, that I wish could be tacked into Phoenix:

A full-screen button on the toolbar *and* A bookmark sidebar opening button.

IE has this, but not by default. It has to be "customized" in. Hardly anyone knows about it.

When I have those two things, I *never* need to touch the keyboard and it is the reason that I continue to boot back over to windows all the time. I just get tired of having to reach over to the keyboard so often to click on a bookmark, or increase the visible browsing area.

Just dreaming I guess...