Xft Antialiased Font Support Now Available in Linux

Saturday October 19th, 2002

Trevor writes: "As I learned from comments posted to a recent Slashdot article, antialiasing is finally available for Linux builds. There are also binary RPMs compiled for Red Hat Linux 8.0.

"I've installed the RPMs on my RH8 system, and pages look simply beautiful now. Even the browser menus and widgets are antialiased. I've put up a screen shot here:"

More experimental Xft builds are available from Xft support is not currently enabled in the default Linux builds.

#6 fuzzy fonts

by mbokil

Saturday October 19th, 2002 8:18 PM

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yah, I tried it. I like the old crisp html fonts better. I don't know why people keep thinking fuzzy fonts are better. The frist thing I turn off on windows xp are effects like antialiased fonts, window animations, fading. All toys for the masses that server only to chug through more CPU cycles. The only people that will really be excited about this are Mac people. They like Apple fuzziness a lot.