Phoenix Community Continues to Grow

Friday October 18th, 2002

In addition to Phoenix Help, several other new Phoenix sites have appeared in the last few days. Thomas "TRS" Sibley has launched PhoenixWiki, a community-edited repository of tips, tricks and help. Meanwhile, Bill Davenport has started a site to keep track of the projects he's working on, including several logos, a theme codenamed LORE and a port of the Pinball theme. Seb Delahaye has made an unsupported Phoenix installer for Windows while phoenix kid has compiled a Linux build with anti-aliased font support. Last but not least, Kevin Gerich has created an experimental port for Mac OS X v10.2. Take a look and keep talking Phoenix in our Phoenix forums.


by IriseLenoir

Saturday October 19th, 2002 9:47 AM

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I've gone back to Mozilla, simply because of bookmark management. I can't just add a bookmark to the default folder without seeing an add bookmark window, which suck bigtime. It's hell to choose a folder in a drop-down selector, it takes many seconds to load (if you did this for speed, it's slower since the tree shows right away, doesn't load everything and a the delay for colapsing a single folder is very short) I can't create a new folder, etc.

Is there a way to plug to Mozilla add bookmarks window in Phoenix? Please go back to the old way! Anyone else thinks like me?