Mozilla 1.2 Beta Released

Wednesday October 16th, 2002

Mozilla 1.2 Beta is here! With this latest release come new features like link prefetching, viewing toolbars as text/images/both, GTK theme for Linux Mozilla (when in the classic theme), filter after the fact and filter logging in Mozilla Mail, bookmark groups as start page, and much, much more. Along with the new features come many stability and performance improvements and new code for yet to be enabled features like XFT font support. Check out the Release Notes for more details and a list of known issues. As usual, builds are available from's web site or FTP server.

#73 Re: I'll miss the grippies

by leafdigital

Friday October 18th, 2002 3:19 AM

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Gawd, I can hardly believe there's anyone in the whole world who liked grippies. For me and everyone I knew the grippies had one sole purpose: as a mis-click magnet. Every time you slightly missed the file menu or the back button, BOOM, not only does whatever you wanted not happen (fair enough) but there goes the toolbar/menu you were trying to click on!

That said, perhaps for those who actually need to hide toolbars it would be useful to add key shortcuts. There's already a key shortcut for the sidebar, maybe (if we're not running out of keys!) shortcuts could be added for the toolbars.

I would strongly suggest that in the unfortunate event that any similar section returns (grippies or more-standard-but-still-stupid draggable toolbars), we at least ensure that it does *not* apply to the menu bar. I believe even Microsoft have now given up that particular insanity.