Mozilla 1.2 Beta Released

Wednesday October 16th, 2002

Mozilla 1.2 Beta is here! With this latest release come new features like link prefetching, viewing toolbars as text/images/both, GTK theme for Linux Mozilla (when in the classic theme), filter after the fact and filter logging in Mozilla Mail, bookmark groups as start page, and much, much more. Along with the new features come many stability and performance improvements and new code for yet to be enabled features like XFT font support. Check out the Release Notes for more details and a list of known issues. As usual, builds are available from's web site or FTP server.

#64 I hope there is a preference to turn off prefect..

by PaulB <>

Thursday October 17th, 2002 10:10 PM

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Hopefully there will be a preference to turn OFF prefetching. I don't need it since I have a high speed internet connection. I don't want it because I can decide for myself which links I want opened. I don't want it because I do not want to increase the bandwidth I use. If there is no way to disable prefetching, some companies may be forced to bann Mozilla since it will increase bandwidth usage on the network.

Also I am concerned that prefetching may become a security headache. I believe someone could add a link to a page with a transparent font colour which could direct a user to porn site, or some link with other evil outcomes. Don't some companies monitor employees internet surfing and would flag any link to such sites such as porn?

I am not at all happy with prefetching and will not use any version of Mozilla with it unless prefetching can be permenantely disabled. Whose bright (opps I mean dumb) idea was it to include prefetching? Come on links should not load automatically in the background unless I first give my authorization. Is Mozilla now not concerned with security???? Sure it may improve speed on dialup, but at what cost? I believe Mozilla is sacrificing security for a speed boost on slow internet connections.