Mozilla Support an Option in Adobe SVG Viewer Poll

Tuesday October 15th, 2002

loic writes: "If you want to have an influence over the development of the Adobe SVG plugin, you can vote for the feature you would like to have in the next release. The 'Mozilla support' choice is available!"

The poll is hosted by the SVG Developers forum at Yahoo! Groups and you must be a member to vote. More details are available in this message (accessible to everyone). Note that Adobe has not made a commitment to implement the winning feature in a future version of Adobe SVG Viewer.

More details about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are available from the W3C, and Adobe.

#7 personal data

by TheK <>

Wednesday October 16th, 2002 7:18 AM

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is it possible to vote without giving Yahoo all this personal data? Btw. such in login would be illegal in Germany, here you aren't allowed to ask any data, which isn't required for the login - not even optional. The USA should copy that law!