Phoenix 0.3 Released

Monday October 14th, 2002

The Phoenix Team today released the third milestone, "Lucia", to the world. The new release features a new popup blocking whitelist, image blocking, the return of the 'Go' menu, a slew of bookmarks and tab browser changes, and other minor bugfixes. This release of Phoenix is actually smaller and faster than Phoenix 0.2 was.

You can grab the release of 0.3 from or from the Phoenix Release Notes. [Builds are slowly moving out to the ftp servers. If you don't see them, wait a little bit and try again.]

As far as the yet unnamed Phoenix 0.4 goes, the team plans to add back 4.x style bookmarks search, fix sidebar persistence issues, and work on polish.

#1 Very quick scoops

by afree87

Monday October 14th, 2002 6:12 PM

From the release notes: "This is just a DRAFT! Phoenix 0.3 is not out, nor are the current nightlies going to be 0.3."

I think Mozzine beat the Phoenix people to this story... ;)

#2 Re: Very quick scoops

by afree87

Monday October 14th, 2002 6:19 PM

By the way, 0.3 is another neat and speedy build. ^-^

#3 nice improvements

by ph1nn

Monday October 14th, 2002 6:39 PM

very nice indeed, still waiting for Mozilla 1.2b tho, because i like moz mail... which these guys would work on a light mail client too ; )

#4 what you want is thunderbird...

by joschi

Monday October 14th, 2002 7:29 PM

thunderbird is the mail equivelent to phoenix. :)

#5 md5sum

by zwz

Monday October 14th, 2002 7:48 PM

Could you provide md5sums for the packages and digitally sign the md5sums file? Thank you.

#6 Is it really the final milestone?

by Magpie

Monday October 14th, 2002 8:09 PM

Is this really the final build? I know the files are up but... I'm noticing that using the custom menu disables everything, and middle mouse button clicking doesn't open links in tabs anymore, it hilights them but does nothing... :(

#13 Re: Is it really the final milestone?

by adsmith

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 8:52 AM

Did you delete you profile before running the new version?

#19 Re: Re: Is it really the final milestone?

by Magpie

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 12:10 PM

I did what I do before installing any new build of phoenix, I delete the entire phoenix directory (with the exception of plugins) and extract it, overwriting any files that are necisary in the plugins folder, before this I havn't had any problems like this at all :)

#7 Well now that phoenix 0.3 has been officially ...

by Kromatic

Monday October 14th, 2002 8:19 PM

released...what do u people think...i think the phoenix team have done a great job with this browser...i c nothing but improvemnet..i'm very impressed at how great phoenix really is...thanx phoenix team

#8 Where's the Windows build?

by rtepp

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 2:02 AM

Errm... I don't seem to be able to download a windows build... from anywhere...

#9 Re: user interface

by Balboa

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 2:21 AM

#10 Um, this should be Re: Windows build n/t

by Balboa

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 2:31 AM

Silly form manager

#23 RE: Where's the Windows build?

by rtepp

Wednesday October 16th, 2002 4:16 AM

Uhmmm... Still get the error message... :(

Seems like I got to grab the nightly instead ;\

#14 Re: Where's the Windows build?

by anthropolemc

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 9:10 AM

It disappeared for a little while, but it's back now. I'm downloading right now...

#22 Bizarre

by brad_quinn

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 7:57 PM

When I go to using a phoenix nightly I don't see the windows zip file. I am able to see it and I'm downloading it now using [gasp] IE.

#11 Favicon Bug

by djonce

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 6:51 AM

I am not sure what is causing this, but on certain sites, the favicon for the previous site get changed to the current site when I am browsing... Weird to explain!

#20 Re: Favicon Bug

by fgxh298

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 3:48 PM

I'm seeing this too. I went directly to my site after and put it in the bookmarks bar now it has a little mozilla before it.

#12 Still to large...

by turrican

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 6:56 AM

After my fancy, the Linux build is still to large for a light-weighted browser... waiting/hoping for a download-size about 7 MBytes... is this realistic???

#15 Re: Still to large...

by pepejeria

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 9:23 AM

Dont you have enough harddisk space? ;-)

#16 Re: Still to large...

by andred

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 9:55 AM

7 mb is actually rather realistic, at least that's what I conclude by reading bug 171082: .

#17 Re: Still to large...

by db48x

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 10:01 AM

Why 7 megs? Why not 6? Why is 8 too big? Seems like the best size would be "as small as possible."

#18 Character Coding Auto-Detect working now

by zero0w

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 10:59 AM

Character Coding Auto-Detect is working now, kudos to the Phoenix team.

#21 Better and Better

by myklgrant

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 6:27 PM

Phoenix just keeps getting better and better at a rate that is making me dizzy. It's faster, and the new tabs/bookmarks will save me a ton of time. The only nit-pick is that preferences has been moved to the Tools menu, and I still have to go look for it (I use quickprefs most of the time though). The new pop-up blocking inquiry box seems like a good idea but I'll reserve judgement on that. Since I've started using a separate mail client (Balsa) I haven't even opened Mozilla. To think there are 6 (?) more milestones until 1.0 boggles the mind. Just how good can this thing get? Way to go guys!!!

#24 Tabbed browsing

by PC1

Wednesday October 16th, 2002 7:11 AM

It would be nice to have the option to "open all windows as tabs" so that to avoid any new windows.

It would be also nice to be able to switch between different tabs with one button (e.g. 1 & 2 in Opera) instead of a combination as in Mozilla (Ctrl+PageUp & Ctrl+PageDown).