Google Launches New Browser

Wednesday September 3rd, 2008

Google has launched a new open source browser, Chrome. The new browser boasts a minimalistic UI, a new Javascript engine dubbed V8, and sandboxed tabs to prevent one tab from crashing the browser. Chrome uses components from Apple's webkit and Mozilla Firefox.

Gigaom has published an article including comments from Mozilla CEO John Lily that while Microsoft, Apple and Google have other businesses and agenda, Mozilla's singular agenda is to make the web better.

PCMag has published an article commenting on blog posts from John Lilly and Mozilla Foundation Chairperson Mitchell Baker. In his blog post, John Lilly addresses how the introduction of Chrome affects Mozilla and its relationship with Google. Mitchell Baker commented on Mozilla's open development process and the need to continue building great products in a competitive environment.

CNet News Webware has articles commenting on Chrome's Javascript performance and Chrome's fine print, specifically auto update.

Last week, Google and Mozilla extended their search partnership until 2011.

News of Google Chrome leaked early when the comic book explaining Chrome's features was published before Chrome was formally announced.

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