Phoenix 0.3 Coming Soon

Friday October 11th, 2002

Blake Ross writes in with information on the upcoming Phoenix release: "Please bang on the current Phoenix nightlies and help us shake out any last minute bugs. We hope to release Phoenix 0.3 as soon as Monday and need as many eyes on the builds as possible. Areas that could use some real hammering on include bookmarks and the bookmarks toolbar, pop-up controls, toolbar customization, autocomplete and tabbed browsing. Thanks!"


by IriseLenoir

Sunday October 13th, 2002 10:59 PM

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The bookmarks menu 'simplification' is wrong! There should still be a distinction between 'add bookmark' and 'file bookmark', one that automatically add a bookmark in the 'New Bookmark Folder' (where is has that option gone? it's a really useful shortcut!!) and one that lets your choose which folder to put it in. But the most important thing is that a simple 'SELECT' menu is not enough in the folder chooser when you have a big bookmark file which is divided in many folders and subfolders! The tree chooser like in Mozilla should be put back!!

Other options I always wanted in Mozilla and now in Phoenix too is is (collapsible and collapsed by default) 'Keyword' and 'Description' input boxes in that menu so you don't need to open the Bookmarks Manager and go set them afterwards which takes much more time for nothing.

Thanks again for your hard work, all things reconsidered, Phoenix really rocks and is now my default browser.

One more thing which applies to both Mozilla and Phoenix: they should not try to make themselves default image viewers when asking to be the 'default browser' (which they are not good at, not being meant for this...) and only register HTML, XHTML, XML, XUL, HTTP, HTTPS, CHROME, GOPHER and (maybe) FTP.