Phoenix 0.3 Coming Soon

Friday October 11th, 2002

Blake Ross writes in with information on the upcoming Phoenix release: "Please bang on the current Phoenix nightlies and help us shake out any last minute bugs. We hope to release Phoenix 0.3 as soon as Monday and need as many eyes on the builds as possible. Areas that could use some real hammering on include bookmarks and the bookmarks toolbar, pop-up controls, toolbar customization, autocomplete and tabbed browsing. Thanks!"

#33 Password manager

by IriseLenoir

Sunday October 13th, 2002 10:35 PM

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Yay, if you let it create a new [some_random_number].s file and rename your Mozilla one to that, it will use those passwords, but shouldn't it detect the file anyway? Well, it's the same issue as the 'salt' profile, it doesn't matter much and is good enough for me. But... where is the Password Manager for Phoenix? We need that... oh well, it's a young project, take your time and don't forget about your wives and kids to code this ;-)