Wired News Redesigns With Web Standards

Friday October 11th, 2002

Brent Marshall, Anonymous, sacolcor and Doron all wrote in to tell us that Wired News has a new, standards-compliant design. The site, part of Terra Lycos (Condé Nast owns the magazine bit), is now coded in XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS with not a <table> tag in sight (though as Scott Andrew points out, the front page doesn't quite validate right now). In addition, the site now features user-selectable alternative stylesheets. It also looks great.

Doron adds: "Eric Meyer from the Netscape Evangelism group has an interview with the Network Design Manager at Netscape DevEdge." Eric Meyer is also quoted in the Terra Lycos press release.

#21 You're right of course - and a solution

by leafdigital

Tuesday October 15th, 2002 6:29 AM

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Sorry, my brain was blanking on that one. Yes, of course you're absolutely right and it should be done using the accept header.

Actually although there was nothing out there last time I looked several months ago, and the rewrite-rule I wrote for it hit an apache bug of some sort, I researched it again and somebody has found a solution. Check the .htaccess listed on this page:


Very nice. (Would be nicer if it worked for / URLs as well as .html URLs...)