WarpZilla On The Move

Saturday November 28th, 1998

Paulo Dias writes in with more news on the status of WarpZilla.

"The Warpzilla (Seamonkey for OS/2) Team done it again:)

Henry posted - "The Version 1.0.2 is based on a 98/11/21 update of my source tree to which I added John Fairhurst's latest updates to the os2 directories before folding enhancements found only in webshell/tests/viewer into xpfe/xpviewer/src because the xpviewer has a browser interface as well as features missing from the test viewer. This gives OS/2 users the best of both prototypes. It was also built with Mozilla's new autoconf system. New features include basic support for printing, one-column Print Preview, View Source, blender (try test10 off the File/Samples menu), the mousepointer changing into a hand over links, Find Text on Page, a Webcrawler for browsing 100 top sites, plus assorted XP features, JavaScript 1.4, DOM & CSS improvements, etc.

You can find it on or John's page.

As usual, warpzilla rules the ports!:)

Here is a screenshot."

#1 Re: WarpZilla On The Move

by Antony Curtis

Saturday November 28th, 1998 1:11 PM

It's great... I'm using it right now. It seems to be a lot more stable than the first OS/2 binary release... It is faster than NS/2 2.02 and it renders as good as NS/2 4.04.

Great work... Especially for a mere 2MB download.

#2 Re:WarpZilla On The Move

by Amit Patel

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 11:38 PM

Hrm, I'll have to reboot into OS/2 to try this thing. :-)