What is Thunderbird?

Wednesday October 9th, 2002

Blake Ross has posted some details about Thunderbird to the Phoenix General forum. Thunderbird (formerly Minotaur) is a lightweight stand-alone mail client that will accompany Phoenix.

#24 Re: Good Bye Outlook?

by schapel

Thursday October 10th, 2002 8:26 AM

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There's a huge obstacle in the way of Thunderbird or Mozilla replacing Outlook. Outlook clients can connect to Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft's proprietary protocol, but Mozilla cannot unless the server is configured to use IMAP. This problem is listed in bug 128284 <<>>. Maybe someone who has inside information about the protocol can help fix that bug.

Another problem is that Outlook includes a calendar and scheduling software that many companies use to organize meetings and other planned events. Mozilla would also need to be an Outlook clone for these features as well to replace Outlook in these organizations. This is covered by bug 172611 <<>>.