What is Thunderbird?

Wednesday October 9th, 2002

Blake Ross has posted some details about Thunderbird to the Phoenix General forum. Thunderbird (formerly Minotaur) is a lightweight stand-alone mail client that will accompany Phoenix.

#20 I prefer Mozilla :)

by johann_p

Thursday October 10th, 2002 4:23 AM

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Allright I just had to voice the opinion of the silent majority of happy Mozilla-users who actually like their feature-ladden integrated browser/mailnews/calendar/tetris beast (yes I do use Emacs and not vi most of the time :) ) But it is wonderful to have another incarnation of a gecko-xul based browser/mail combo that will make the ascetic minimalists happy - let 1000 browsers bloom! One thing though: I wonder how the general public will react to this - or even, will the sheer number of gecko-based browsers be and advantage or disadvantage in establishing an alternative to IE? What about PR? Just wondering ...