Phoenix 0.3 Delayed Until Next Week

Wednesday October 9th, 2002

As mentioned by Blake Ross in the Phoenix General forum, Phoenix 0.3 has been delayed until next week. Originally, the plan was to release 0.3 yesterday. The delay means that Phoenix can take advantage of the extra stability offered by the trunk freeze.

In related news, Blake Ross has begun working on Thunderbird (formerly Minotaur), a stand-alone mail client to accompany Phoenix. It is expected that Thunderbird 0.1 will be released around the same time as Phoenix 0.5.

#13 Re: Integration and process

by asa <>

Thursday October 10th, 2002 11:22 AM

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"For example, last I checked, without installing extra hacks (LINK) , you *still* can&#8217;t get Mozilla to launch a composition window for a non-Mozilla mailer when clicking on a mailto: link."

Last you checked? When was that? If you don't want to use Mozilla Mail then don't install it and when you click a mailto link it will launch your system default mailer (if you have one). If you did install mail and for for some silly reason you use it to read mail but not send mail from mailto: links (why??) then you can add a single line to your prefs file that will cause mailto: links to use your system mailer even though you have Mozilla mail installed.

"Conversely, if you have Netscape 7 set up as your chosen mail client and click on a mailto: link in MSIE, you get Netscape's useless "Activation" window, an alert box, the same alert box again (because you didn't read the deceptive wording the first time), a useless browser window, and *then* a composition window."

If you have Mozilla mail set up as your default mail client and you click a mailto: link in MSIE it launches the Mozilla mail compose window just fine. I guess you have to drag Netscape's activation inconvenience into the thread because without that you couldn't have that all important second example of Mozilla Mail not behaving as the user expected (having two examples always makes your claim _sound_ more credible, even if you have to really stretch for it).