Mozilla Featured in Open Source Study

Tuesday October 8th, 2002

Avaya Labs Research has published a paper on open source software development. The study examines the development processes of the Apache HTTP Server and Mozilla. Though Apache is the main focus of the investigation, data from the Mozilla project is used to test and refine several hypotheses. We haven't read all of the study but Slashdot has a summary and discussion. If you're adverse to Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Google has an HTML version.

UPDATE! Yeah, when we said "adverse", we meant "averse".

#2 Amusing

by MozLover <>

Wednesday October 9th, 2002 2:00 PM

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I have always gotten a kick at how BlubberZine will look for the slightest mention of BlubberZilla and pimp that news off to its BLUI addicts as if it means something. Almost like they are trying to convince themselves that Mozilla isn't the worlds worst blubber disaster ever know to man.

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