Slashdot Finally Notices Phoenix 0.2

Tuesday October 8th, 2002

Oliver Schulze writes: "Finally, has a story on Phoenix 0.2." The article is really just a long quote from the Linux Orbit review but there's also lots of insightful comments from Slashdot readers.

#1 And Phoenix 0.3 is almost there...

by eiseli

Tuesday October 8th, 2002 7:18 AM

According to the roadmap that would be today. Maybe we should submit an article ourselves, otherwise they might not discover it until Christmas ;-)

#2 Re: And Phoenix 0.3 is almost there...

by michaelH

Tuesday October 8th, 2002 9:09 AM

Or worse, Mangelo discovers 0.3 and submits his fud everywhere first. Actually, I wonder what he has to say about phoenix. I Haven't been over there for too long - i need a good laugh.

#5 Re: And Phoenix 0.3 is almost there...

by oliversl

Thursday October 10th, 2002 2:25 PM

Yes, the hint about submiting the Phoenix 0.2 story to /. was in the topic of #mozillazine for a few weeks. Since 0.1 I think. Then, /. received too many stories about Phoenix and they decided to include a post about the story. I would be nice to know how many stories about Phoenix /. editors received :-) Also, this was the one and only story in /. about Pheonix.

#3 "insightful comments from Slashdot readers"

by Gerv

Wednesday October 9th, 2002 2:10 AM

I'm sorry - did I wake up in a parallel universe this morning?


#4 Hello?

by MozLover

Wednesday October 9th, 2002 2:10 PM

Knock Knock.... Anyone home? Hey.... Listen... When all of you BLUI addicted script kiddies get done playing with BLUI and demonstrating to the world what a joke it is. Do ya think ya can get busy and put out a decent browser suite? You know.... a software suite that will at least win over the aging and archaic NS4 user base.

Thanks a lot. We'd appreciate it. Yeah. Huh-huh.

Forever Yours,

Jenny C.

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