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Saturday October 5th, 2002

Mitchell Baker,'s Chief Lizard Wrangler, has posted a newsgroup message about and the Phoenix project. The post explains why is supporting Phoenix and how the development will affect the main SeaMonkey project.

#1 Fine, but...

by prometeo

Sunday October 6th, 2002 1:53 AM

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I do agree with the posting, but a few things are not clear at all: 1) Will Phoenix be "ported back" to Mozilla (ie, integrated)? 2) Will Minotaur (Mail/News equivalent to Phoenix) be integrated in Mozilla sometime in the future? 3) What about Composer (with all its links to Mail/News codebase)? 4) What will happen to all the existing extensions (Enigmail, Cascades, etc.)?

Seems to me there is a lot of duplicated effort: developers fix bugs in the UI for the trunk, while other engineers are developing a complete substitute. Don't get me wrong, I really like Phoenix and I have a few old machines which will benefit greatly from a standalone browser, but I fear that having more and more branches in the main Mozilla codebase will end up in a very-difficult-to-manage situation. Look at NS7: in many tests it outperforms Mozilla (even latest builds) and the relative fixes didn't find their way to the trunk. No flame involved, just some cinic thoughts.