AOL/Netscape Updates

Friday November 27th, 1998

More tidbits concerning the mega-merger announced this week.

AOL CEO, Steve Case, has replied to Jamie Zawinski's Fear and Loathing doc, and the reply looks promising.

It seems the FUD is flying over on Slashdot concerning the merger. First up, are concerns that Sun may kill Netscape's Linux Software, as it has its own, closed source version of Unix (Solaris).
The second bit of news, is word that Eric Raymond, of Halloween doc fame, wrote a letter to AOL, which basically asks that AOL not kill Mozilla. The reply can be found at Slashdot.
The third, and final (for now) piece of news from Slashdot is that AOL and Sun are going to make AOL's 5.0 Client 100% Java, which may run inside of a full screen Mozilla window.

Last, and more than likely least, is a post for you 31337 hAxRz by Steve Caze, on what his thoughts are on the next version of Mozilla. Definitely worth the read, D00D!

#1 Re:AOL/Netscape Updates

by Andreas Dischinger

Sunday November 29th, 1998 8:31 AM

Can you please copy the news articles to your web page, 'cause from my entry point into the net ist is ver dificalt to connect any netscape server.