Introduction to the JavaScript Debugger

Saturday October 5th, 2002

Robert Ginda writes: "Ian Oeschger has written up an introduction to the JavaScript Debugger for Netscape DevEdge. It shows off the basics of using Venkman, and ends with a step by step sample walkthrough. This should be the first in a series of Venkman how-to articles for DevEdge."

#1 Javascript (not) calling Java

by stevewest

Friday October 18th, 2002 5:39 AM

I'm working with some folks who build interactive maps/diagrams for websites.

The map itself is a Java applet but it's controlled using Javascript on the web page.

Their stuff works in IE and Netscape 4.x, but not Mozilla-based browsers. They say it's because Javascript doesn't call Java properly (or vise-versa) in Mozilla.

They have some demos online at

Can anyone shed any light on this?