Making Mozilla Add-ons Work in Phoenix

Friday October 4th, 2002

David Hyatt has written a short document that explains how developers can modify their Mozilla add-ons to work in Phoenix. The guide describes how a few simple changes can make an extension compatible with both Mozilla and Phoenix builds. It also includes instructions to make add-ons appear in the extensions list of Phoenix's Preferences dialogue (where users can disable or uninstall them).

For users, a list of Phoenix-compatible extensions available.

#1 uninstallation needs modification, too

by jeti

Friday October 4th, 2002 11:20 AM

Please don't forget to modify the code for uninstalling packages. Otherwise attempting to uninstall will break Phoenix.

The package for the RadialContext menu has already been modified btw.

#2 Good except for pref bar...

by Silverthorn

Friday October 4th, 2002 2:03 PM

Well, the tab support and gestures seem to be working very well. Nice additions to the browser. The pref. bar has one major problem, though. Tthere doesn't appear to be any way to enable/disable the bar. After I enabled the "hide bar" button and clicked it, there was no apparant way to get the bar back. Am guessing this is because there is no hide/show menu item in Phoenix.

Actually, what would be really cool, would be if some of the pref. bar functionality could be built into Phoenix. By that, I mean that not only you could drag premade options onto your toolbars, but you could create your own items the way that the pref. bar does.

Also, relating to that, all the other preferences that add a bar or special buttons, if those could be put into the "pool" of options in Phoenix's customize box. That way you could really start customizing stuff.

That and being able to resize the relative widths of the url and search boxes would be nice additions IMO. Not sure how practical any of it would be to put into action.

Anyway, can anyone else turn the pref. bar on or off? Seems like a great addition, but screen space is at a premium for me right now, so would want to be able to turn it off.


#3 Re: Good except for pref bar...

by Silverthorn

Friday October 4th, 2002 2:05 PM

Ooops.. in the third paragraph, I meant other browser addons buttons and bars, not preferences... ;)


#5 Noticed that too

by eiseli

Friday October 4th, 2002 11:20 PM

After pressing the "Hide Prefbar" button, I had to go to the files, search for prefbar and set some RDF instruction to turn it back on...

#4 Problems with mouse gestures in Phoenix.

by neva

Friday October 4th, 2002 5:17 PM

I tried them, and at least with the most recent nightly, they don't work well. The basic ones are fine, but 'bookmark' didn't work, and 'view source' crashed Phoenix entirely. Not a big deal, since I really don't use them often--the gestures I do use are mostly forward and back--but it's worth knowing about.

#6 uninstall is not so easy (plus comments on skins)

by masi

Saturday October 5th, 2002 2:34 AM

My little app, which I have been neglecting lately, comes not only with a package but also skins and locales. They need to be deleted as well.

FYI, I have skin definitions for Modern and Classic and 3 locales beside en-US. What skin would I have to use for phoenix?

And I'd love to have a 'private' skin for the app as well. So you could choose between the browser's skin and a special skin (in my case a HP claculator look-alike).

#7 The real question is ...

by johann_p

Saturday October 5th, 2002 2:52 AM

how to make the customizable toolbar feature work with mozilla :)

#8 Re: The real question is ...

by masi

Saturday October 5th, 2002 10:10 AM

I am sure the phoenix guys have some evil masterplan for that ;-)

#9 hey, QuickPrefsMenu is missing from the add-onlist

by bugs4hj

Monday October 7th, 2002 7:50 PM

Hi folks, try my new add-on:

And NO, it's not MultiZilla, just the QuickPrefsMenu :-)

Now have fun, /HJ