Status Update Page Gets an Update

Thursday October 3rd, 2002

The Status Update page has been maintained by Tim Rowley for the past couple of years (he took over from Christopher Blizzard who took over from MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson). Recently, the number of updates contributed by developers has been falling so Tim has decided to try something new. Instead of relying solely on contributions, the new-look Status Update page will include Tim's own summary of what's been happening in the land of Mozilla. Check out the latest Status Update to see it for yourself.

#1 Great work TOR!

by asa

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 12:07 PM

This is great and I'm sure everyone involved with or even just following the project appreciates it. I'm sure it's a more work for you. Thank you.


#2 Great work!

by slipszi

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 12:45 PM

This format is much better than the old one, where the reader was required to follow links to bugzilla to find out what happened. Keep up the good work!


#3 Excellent

by mbrubeck

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 1:04 PM

I agree - the new format is very useful and well-done.

#4 Well...

by cknoll

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 2:46 PM

Not to dis' any of the previous maintainers of the site, I thought all the information posted was ALWAYS good...I appreciate the new format as much as the old.

#5 We need to step up.

by whiprush

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 6:13 PM

The community (in other words, us), needs to step up on this one. Since Asa has stopped doing the build bar comments, and now the status updates have been cut down, we can't sit there and let Tor do all the work by himself.

I think if we combine the same information from the Build bar forum with the official status reports then something even better can come from it. Right now (for example), I have all the developer blogs linked from mozillazine, which I read regulary. They have some great information. Then I comb the build bar forums, the posts on the frontpage, mozillanews, and blogzilla, to get all my mozilla information.

All of these news are updated regularly on all these sites, I think it would benefit the community greatly if it were combined to become the 'official' status report. Surely we can come up with a way of making submitting to a status report as easy to a developer as a blog entry. Combined with a few people combing the latest checkins, the latest blog entries, and all the mozilla fan sites out there (with proper links for credit), we could have one kickass consolidated report that is updated regularly.

#6 Re: We need to step up.

by whiprush

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 6:15 PM

Yes, in other words, I'm willing to volunteer if we can find a few more people dedicated to bringing this information for mozilla's users.

#7 Great

by Summi

Friday October 4th, 2002 2:02 AM

The new format is much easier to read. You get a general idea whats going on with mozilla. This was not possible when you read just trough bug numbers.

Nice, that the spellchecker will finally make it. Anybody knows if there are also plans to implement PGP support in the tree? I read that they wanted to implement Enigmail. I like this add-on very much and would like to see it in the main trunk.

#8 Excellent

by leafdigital

Friday October 4th, 2002 6:53 AM

Very good (and much needed, as kind of an interim level between the forum here for 'is this nightly build broken' and the milestone release notes).



#9 Opinions good. Work logs boring.

by rcmoz

Friday October 4th, 2002 10:22 PM

BTW, Mozilla is beating IE on GoogleFights: