Optimoz Mouse Gestures Featured on

Wednesday October 2nd, 2002

The Optimoz MozGest add-on for Mozilla is featured in a CNET article about mouse gestures. Featuring quotes from Optimoz developer Andy Edmonds, the report looks at the background and history of mouse gestures and discusses their potential use in 3D environments. As well as MozGest, the mouse gesture implementations in Opera and StrokeIt are also covered.

#7 Re: Off-Topic... broken in Mozilla?

by silvermask <>

Friday October 4th, 2002 4:34 PM

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Ooh, that happened to me too. Irritated the crap outta me at that. It's not a problem in Phoenix, I found. In some of the later nightlies from Mozilla it stopped being a problem with me, but those killed Optimoz and various other things, so I went back to 1.2a.

But yes, that is rather ironic to see the Netscape bar up at the top, and that their page doesn't even work right in the basis for Netscape.

Oh yes, I also found that if I refreshed enough, sometimes it would show up right. It seemed to me to be a problem with the vertical ad on the right side of the page. When thep problem surfaced, that ad wouldn't load properly, but if the ad did load properly, there was no problem.

Strange, huh? At least I'm happy with Phoenix ^_^