Phoenix 0.2 soars into view

Tuesday October 1st, 2002

Phoenix 0.2 is out. Give it a spin and let the developers know what you think here and at the new mozillaZine Phoenix Forum.

#55 Re: If you removed the spaces, how many people wou

by asa <>

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 11:07 PM

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They perform much of the same task as a separator but they don't contain the vertical line. I happen to like about an inch of space between my navigation buttons (back, forward, reload, and stop), my sidebar toggle buttons (bookmarks, downloads, and history), and my misc. buttons (new tab, new window, and print). It looks like <http://www.mozillazine.or…gs/asa/phoenix/spaces.png> If I used multiple separators it would look pretty silly <http://www.mozillazine.or…sa/phoenix/separators.png>

And the spacer alone is also a pain. If I have a group of buttons at the far left of my toolbar and I want the throbber to the far right of my toolbar I don't want to have to add 50 spaces or even more separators.