Phoenix 0.2 soars into view

Tuesday October 1st, 2002

Phoenix 0.2 is out. Give it a spin and let the developers know what you think here and at the new mozillaZine Phoenix Forum.

#51 Re: Bye-Bye Mozilla

by ndebord

Thursday October 3rd, 2002 11:44 AM

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Shrug. I don't want to have to wait for Minotaur or Mozill'a email client. What I want is the ability to roll my own email client with Phoenix. Sort of what Pegasus did with its own MAPI.DLL that allowed you to use IE3.03 with Pegasus or any other email client that used mapi, so you could, if you wanted to, used Eudora Lite or Foxmail 2.1 with IE 3.03. Now that would be a feature to ensure my loyalty.