Phoenix 0.2 soars into view

Tuesday October 1st, 2002

Phoenix 0.2 is out. Give it a spin and let the developers know what you think here and at the new mozillaZine Phoenix Forum.

#5 Very Nice

by joedirt

Tuesday October 1st, 2002 11:04 PM

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Nothing but great things to say about Phoenix....Blows Mozilla away and it's only at 0.2!! The guys behind it are really doing a awesome job. Been using it steadily since the first build was posted and it's just been getting better and better...and getting better QUICKLY. The toolbar customization just plain kicks ass...and everything just seems like it's going in the right direction....user friendly, speedy, etc. Not one feature I dislike. Seems like the Phoenix boys are into this project and really care about making it good. Anyway, just want to say that Phoenix rules and thank the boys for their time and effort in making a great browser.