Phoenix 0.2 soars into view

Tuesday October 1st, 2002

Phoenix 0.2 is out. Give it a spin and let the developers know what you think here and at the new mozillaZine Phoenix Forum.

#15 XUL: full support for Mozilla XPIs?

by IriseLenoir

Wednesday October 2nd, 2002 3:47 AM

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Someone asked what Phoenix would have better than Galeon. XUL. I like fast native UI and GTK2 is cool... Galeon 2 looks really promessing, but I have to admit that for a browser, XUL gives an immense advantage. Easy to code third party extentions. By looking at we already have tons of inovating projects in the making... tagzilla, optimoz (gestures are now in Galeon, but Pie Menus seem promessing), composite, newsalert, annozilla, etc. All things that theoretically could be implemented in Galeon, but that one team would never all do on it's own, let alone come up with all those ideas. Making third party apps easy makes Mozilla an 'experimentation' platform like no other and I belive the futur revolutionary new ways of communicating via computers will come from that. It is THE feature of an XUL browser... but it's currently unclear whether Phoenix will be fully compatible with Mozilla XPIs. It currently only support a few 'Extentions' modified for it. I understand it's in first stages and compatibility problems are to be expected, but if Phoenix is not fully compatible eventually, it will have no reason of existing because simply for speed Galeon, K-meleon and Chimera will always be faster anyway. In other words, I think this should be THE top priority, will it be so?