Phoenix 0.2 Release Set for Tomorrow

Monday September 30th, 2002

Blake Ross writes: "The Phoenix team is targeting a 0.2 milestone for tomorrow, October 1st. Please bang on the nightlies. 0.2 will feature a ton of new stuff, including a replacement for Mozilla's Form Manager, a redesigned Sidebar, a redesigned Download Manager (available as a Sidebar panel), improved toolbar customization (you can now add space and flexible space and a bunch of new buttons), an add-on manager, and a new search/find-in-page bar. Importing of bookmarks has been fixed, too."

Before filing bugs, take heed of Blake's advice: "If the issue seems obvious, we probably already know about it! For example, yes — we know that many of the new buttons are missing icons in some or all modes. We are desperately in need of an artist."

#30 Look into the Little Mozilla theme

by bmacfarland

Tuesday October 1st, 2002 11:19 AM

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I have a similar issue where I like my content space to be big and my browser buttons small. Switching to the Little Mozilla theme got me so much space that I can easily use tabs. With mouse gestures, I could almost get away with getting rid of the navigation toolbar. I wish I could get rid of the status bar down below, because I really only use the Status part, not the lock, connected, or the shortcuts to open new browsers mail etc. I think I may break out the XUL book soon.