IBM Web Browser for OS/2 V2.0 Released

Monday September 30th, 2002

Barry Marshall writes: "IBM has updated the Mozilla-based Web Browser to version 2.0. Software Choice subscription is required to download it."

This latest version of the IBM Web Browser for OS/2 is based on Mozilla 1.0.1 and replaces the 0.9.4-based version 1.2. If you want something a little more cutting edge, take a look at Warpzilla, the OS/2 port of Mozilla upon which the IBM Web Browser is based.

#1 Software choice?

by Racer

Monday September 30th, 2002 4:20 PM

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I thought IBM Software Choice was an outdated concept that only large corporations used. The last I looked, a single-user IBM Software Choice license costs over US$100 for a year subscription. What features does the IBM Web Browser have that would make us want it over Warpzilla, which is free?