Mozilla's Global Usage Share Continues to Rise

Monday September 30th, 2002

According to, the global usage share of Mozilla 1.0 has doubled to 0.8 percent, making it the Web's seventh most popular browser. Netscape 7.0 has also seen its usage share increase, rising from 0.3 percent to 0.5 percent. However, Microsoft Internet Explorer still dominates the browser market with a total global usage share of 94.9 percent.

Thanks to Martin for the news.

#29 Linux = almost no effect

by leafdigital

Tuesday October 1st, 2002 4:54 AM

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I would imagine that many Linux users already use Mozilla, but in any case it doesn't really matter; Linux has a miniscule market share on desktop machines (it's probably doing quite well on servers, but people don't browse from servers sort of by definition). If you look at the Google page somebody else linked, they include OS stats too; Linux is 1%.

Of course, all the niche operating systems add up, and Mozilla is the only serious browser on most of them. So they do help Mozilla's share (and I think there's probably particular room for Gecko on the Mac). But if Mozilla/Gecko is ever to improve its share by a really significant amount, it's the 93% of Windows users that need to be convinced to bother installing an alternate browser.