Mozilla's Global Usage Share Continues to Rise

Monday September 30th, 2002

According to, the global usage share of Mozilla 1.0 has doubled to 0.8 percent, making it the Web's seventh most popular browser. Netscape 7.0 has also seen its usage share increase, rising from 0.3 percent to 0.5 percent. However, Microsoft Internet Explorer still dominates the browser market with a total global usage share of 94.9 percent.

Thanks to Martin for the news.

#10 Where are the "ie's global share falling" stories

by schapel

Monday September 30th, 2002 10:00 AM

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It doesn't make a difference whether 97% or 80% of page hits are coming from IE. What matters is how many page hits are coming from Netscape 4 and Gecko-based browsers. If a significant number of hits are coming from Netscape 4, that holds back adoption of newer web standards. If only 5% of hits come from Gecko-based browsers, major web sites will be forced to make their sites comply with the latest standards.

If the "browser war" is defined as the browser with the vast majority of page hits, IE has won, and the war is over. If instead the "browser war" means that there is enough variety in the browser market that web designers and browser makers both need to follow the standards, the war is far from over, and in the end everyone can win.